Roberto Berwa, here. I am a Software Engineer (Early Team) at Stacked, previously at Vana (Founding Engineer) and Tike (Co-Founder). Went to MIT for Computer Science and Economics. This is a blog of my full-baked and half-baked thoughts and ideas, which in most cases I won’t even proofread.

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RSN: Resilient Storage Network for Defense

Design Doc: Resilient Storage Network (RSN) (Draft 1.0)

SE-PRE Scheme API Proposal

Token Design: Tokenomics

Solarpunk: design concept for the future of web3

Some thoughts on Web 3.0 from a rejected application to South Park Commons (SPC)

The Impact of Willful Defiance Suspensions Ban on Dropout Rates: Evidence from California (Undergrad Econ Thesis)

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